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It's a RIGHT for a child to be safe

NOT a privilege!

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The NCCSA has worked with more than 500,000 children and parents nationwide since October 2000 and continues to increase those numbers each month.


NCCSA assemblies utilize role-playing, floor chats, and various hands-on exercises that are fun, positive, and easy to learn for kids. Our safety assemblies are conducted with the participation of children and adults.

All safety assemblies are positive, fun, and educational, but never frightening. We believe that children learn more quickly and easily in an environment free from pressure and apprehension.

The goal of the National Center for Child Safety and Awareness


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The NCCSA is actively looking for volunteers and those looking to help spread the word.


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The NCCSA's goal is to be proactive, not reactive to child abuse by Giving parents and children the tools to prevent and spot the signs of possible abuse.