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Community Resources - Statewide & National

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Statewide Resources

Child Abuse/Sexual Abuse

Domestic Violence

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline (1.800.799.SAFE)

  • National Coalition against Domestic Violence

  • National Network to End Domestic Violence

Drugs and Rape

  • Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Medline Abstract on GHB(requires registration)

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (National Institutes of Health)

  • Project GHB

  • Rape Treatment Center

  • Samantha Reid Foundation


  • The Recovery Village

Federal Government

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics

  • Center for Disease Control

  • Office of Justice Programs

  • Office for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

  • Office for Victims of Crime

  • Office on Violence Against Women

  • Operation Predator

  • Sex Trafficking


  • US Department of Justice’s Office of Victims of Crime Incest Page

  • Darkness to Light

  • The National Children’s Alliance

  • Stop It Now

International Resources

  • RAINN Links

  • Protection Project

Legal & Legislative Information

  • Findlaw

  • Find your member of the House of Representatives

  • Find your Senator

  • Kelegian White & Reed LLP

  • National Crime Victim Bar Association

  • Protection Project

  • US Congress

  • US Supreme Court

Male Rape

  • 1in6 (men sexually abused as children)

  • Child Sexual Abuse Statistics, Research and Resources

  • Men’s Voices Magazine

Mental Health

  • Center for Mental Health Services (US HHS)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • PTSD Alliance

  • Sidran Traumatic Stress Foundation

Other Sexual Assault Resources

  • Act for Kids

  • Cavnet (Communities Against Violence)

  • Dept of Justice Office on Violence Against Women Resources

  • End Violence Against Women (Johns Hopkins)


  • Girl Thrive

  • Learning Publications Inc.

  • National Alliance to End Sexual Violence

  • National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

  • National Organization for Victims Assistance

  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center

  • National Violence against Women Prevention Research Center

  • National Women’s Health Information Center

  • Project Respect

  • Rape Treatment Center


  • Sexual Assault Training & Investigations

Prevention Efforts

  • Campus Outreach Services

  • The Date Safe Project

  • Good Touch/Bad Touch

  • Men Can Stop Rape

  • Partnerships Against Violence Network

  • Security on Campus

Professional Organizations

  • American Prosecutors Research Institute

  • International Assoc. of Forensic Nurses

  • National Center for Victims of Crime

  • National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence

  • SANE/SART Info

Sex Offenders

  • Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

  • Center for Sex Offender Management

  • Sex Offenders Info

  • State Sex Offender Registry Websites

  • Stop it Now


  • Stalking Resource Center

  • Stalking Statistics


  • RAINN Stats page

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics (US Justice Dept)

  • FBI

  • Student1 Rape Statistics (US Education Dept)

  • Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center

  • National Center for Health Statistics

  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service

  • Statistical Assessment Service

Support for Victims of Sexual Assault & Incest

  • Faces of Survivors

  • Brazos County Rape Crisis Center Online Counseling

  • Homesafe Rape Crisis Center Survivor Listserve

  • It Happened to Alexa Foundation

  • Office for Victims of Crime (US Justice Department)

  • Promote Truth Online Counseling

  • Soar (Speaking Out About Rape)

  • Victim Compensation Programs

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