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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford 

In Partnership with

Anti-Predator Project is a legally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to combating human trafficking in the United States. We are a full service non-profit investigative agency that specializes in criminal investigations into individuals and organizations that are involved in human trafficking, the location and recovery of American children that have been kidnapped or sold on the black market, witness/victim protection, and missing children.

We offer our services free of charge to anyone in need, no one should have to pay a fee for assistance in the darkest times of their lives. Aside from investigative and protective services, Anti-Predator Project also helps to raise community awareness about the reality of human trafficking in the United States.


Through 12 years of community-centered work and expertise in human-centered learning experience design, Walk With Me Impact's creator has recognized the need to supply a tool for others around the world who are aiming to destroy the path to incarceration through education.  


Teaching youth how to develop and apply prevention, intervention, and coping skills when facing the obstacles they encounter such as substance abuse, sexual abuse, youth violence, death, homelessness, and poverty. This expertise will now be packaged and available for people to utilize.

This set of books will help to provide at-risk youth with social-emotional learning and social support to improve their mental health, self-awareness, increase self-confidence and academic outcomes. 


AreTheyAbusive is a non-profit organization, created, owned, governed and run by women who believe that knowledge is power! Domestic violence must be stopped before it has a chance to begin... that means knowledge of historical abusers!

Our goal is to create a publicly available, searchable database for Court Ordered Restraining Protection Orders and to create a law, similar to Megan's Law, that requires convicted Domestic Violence Offenders to register.  


Together these tools give individuals the POWER to Say NO! to Domestic Violence before it has a chance to begin.   


Know means No. 

Know their history... No Abuse.

The mission of the Sacramento Sheriff's Office is the protection of life and property, the preservation of the public peace and the enforcement of the law in partnership with our communities. To accomplish our mission, we dedicate ourselves to service with concern.

About the District Attorney's Office

The Office of the District Attorney investigates and prosecutes crime, assists victims and survivors of crime, and protects the health and well being of children while deterring juveniles from criminal activity. The District Attorney (DA) also assists with investigations conducted by law enforcement, making reasonable and ethical decisions when initiating prosecution.

Mission Statement

The Office of the District Attorney preserves public safety and enhances the quality of life in Placer County by investigating crime, prosecuting criminals, assisting victims and survivors of crime, protecting the health and well-being of children and deterring juveniles from criminal activity.

Chris McDonough is an internationally known and trusted investigator and behavior expert who has interviewed thousands of people and solved hundreds of homicides for decades. Please see the link below to the Cold Case Foundation for his full bio. Leading our team behind the scenes is his better half, Karen, an award-winning investigative journalist, former crime reporter, and editor with decades of experience. Life has taught Chris that a positive attitude, respect, humor, and humility will get you through anything. Chris is grateful you're here to come along on this journey! Please like & subscribe to his channel and "Take a Seat" in The Interview Room. Thank you!

With the help of people like you, AIM is doing whatever it takes to rescue, heal, and empower survivors of trafficking to be free.

“One girl is too many, one day is too long.”



So far, we have rescued over 1500 survivors and assisted in the arrest of over 350 traffickers.

It once took 22 days to rescue a 14-year-old girl who called us from a brothel asking for our help. When we finally got to her, we learned she had been trafficked 198 times in those 22 days. So we started our own SWAT Team so we never have to wait that long again to rescue girls like her. She is now a social worker on our SWAT Team fighting to save others from the same evil that once enslaved her.


The mission at One Mom’s Battle is to raise awareness and educate family court professionals on post separation abuse as it relates to co-parenting and the family court system (divorce, paternity and child custody battles). Education on high-conflict individuals and post separation abuse will allow family court professionals (Judges, Commissioners, Magistrates, CPS workers, Guardian ad Litems (GAL), Parenting Coordinators (PC), Custody Evaluators, therapists and attorneys) to recognize the abusive dynamics that play out in the family court system so they can make decisions that are in the best interest of children.

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child is missing.jpg

A Child Is Missing, Inc. (ACIM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. A Child Is Missing Alert Program and Recovery Center assists Law Enforcement Agenicies nationwide in the early search and recovery of missing children (often with Autism, Down syndrome), the elderly (often with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia), disabled persons, on-campus college students and other vulnerable populations, in the first hours of their disappearance.  ACIM has no jurisdictional restraints.  Our Alert Program is available to law enforcement 24/7, 365 days a year. 

We put children first.

Lost But Not Forgotten’s mission is to identify and adopt Roseville families experiencing a temporary hardship that doesn’t allow them to be able to supply the material Christmas to their family. We will strive to resolve this issue for all the children in the family.

Many of these teenagers and kids have recently had a loved one experience serious health issues, financial hardships, or even death. Because of everything they're going through, they simply cannot give their children what they truly ideal Christmas. Our job is to find generous donors who are willing to support and help these kids so they can have an unforgettable Christmas this year.

lost but not forgotten.jpg

The Chloe Randolph Organization, Inc was founded with the intent to not only bring domestic violence awareness to our community, but to provide an advocacy center, safe housing and bring education to victims, survivors and their families.

Our hope is that through sharing the tragedy of Chloe’s story we may raise awareness to the realities of Domestic Violence. We want to build a community that stands firm on the protection of those that find themselves in fearful situations.

We will work closely with our City & County Officials, State Officials, local law enforcement agencies and other Tri-State organizations to provide the much-needed resources to accomplish our goals.

chloe randolph organization.jpg

Precious Lives Foundation in partnership with Club Nirvana and our other sponsors have made it possible to host the 3rd annual charity golf tournament to assist families who have been affected by sex trafficking, domestic violence, and hardship. By providing a fun, quality, and prestigous event, PLF hopes to attract additional high calibre partners to achieve these goals of giving back to the families and communities we love!

Ken Byrnes, the Tournament Director and a founding member of Precious Lives Foundation, has made it his mission to help better the lives of others by creating events to raise funds. If you are interested in participating in this event and have questions, please call Ken at 916.224.1835.

The Precious Lives Foundation, created by Gary Meek and Ken Byrnes, has made it their mission to help others in need with a focus on victims of sex trafficking.

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Our mission is to advocate & support families of the missing. We provide LEO training as well as groundbreaking search tactic consultation in criminal cases both active & cold to agencies across the nation, tribal confederations and governments internationally. Our passion is being a voice for the voiceless and our focus will aggressively fight for those who can no longer fight for themselves. 

As reported by the DOJ, 600,000 people go missing every year. The majority are located. However, thousands are never found each and every single year, year after year. This is the nation's silent mass disaster. 

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We are Lewis-Silas Logistics, LLC a rapidly expanding logistics firm devoted to offering our customers top-notch shipping and delivery services. We are seeking skilled and motivated people to join our team as agents as we grow our operations.

Here at Lewis-Silas Logistics, we offer dependable and effective transportation services to companies and individuals in the United States. We take pride in handling complex logistics; coordinate the movement of freight from and to any destination. Whether transcontinental or regional, we have a transportation plan to meet your needs.

Our goal is to make logistics manageable for our clients by providing specialized solutions catered to their organizational needs. Whether you require warehousing or product transportation, we have the knowledge, partnership, and tools necessary to complete the project.

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Established in the vibrant city of Sacramento, CA in January of 2011, Living Well Community Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Tax Exempt Public Charity established to empower couples and strengthen families, harnessing the socioeconomic power that lies within them, bringing them and their community to wholeness. Living Well was birthed from the passion and prayers of John and Leah Savage, Co-Founders. While going through their own personal pains, struggles, and strivings, they've had a heart to have more, be more, and do more for themselves and others.


Our desire is to see every individual and family within our local and global community healed, restored, enriched, and inspired to live life in wholeness, from within and without. We want to see every single person we come in contact with flourishing and living well!



Many families are currently experiencing financial hardships and socioeconomic disparities throughout Sacramento County and the surrounding communities. Families are experiencing abnormal health conditions that have been accepted as normal, millions of homes have been foreclosed on, jobs have been downsized, deported, and completely eliminated. As a result, the family unit is progressively breaking down both internally and externally.


The media paints an elaborate picture of constant destruction, doom, and hopelessness, but this is not the case. Yes, the reality is that things have and continue to happen throughout the world, but at Living Well Community Foundation, we believe that we have been given a priceless opportunity: a clear canvas to change realities and shape perspectives through the power of LOVE, collectively creating a tapestry of HOPE!

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Parents and concerned citizens are mobilizing across the country to take local action against radical policies, inappropriate school curricula, and other serious issues that are harmful to children. These brave activists are engaging with their communities to incite positive change for the well-being of the children in this country in so many ways such as speaking at city council and school board meetings, organizing and attending protests, running for local office, and much more.


These changemakers are taking a stand and addressing important issues adversely affecting children such as the dangers of allowing boys and men in women’s bathrooms, pornographic and other inappropriate content in books at schools and drag queen shows and story hours for kids.


This is a critical time in history for us.


We can go one of two ways and I think you are very aware of that by now.

So, We The People need to come together with the power of the Constitution and we can take back our country peacefully.

When Assemblyman Joe Patterson took the oath of office on December 5, 2022 as the new representative for the 5th Assembly District in the state of California, he vowed to prioritize issues and problems facing constituents in his district. Assemblyman Patterson pledged to fight for the quality-of-life residents enjoy in Placer and El Dorado Counties while ensuring that his constituents have a voice in the State Legislature.

As a father of four, I have always believed that families should have the opportunity to raise their children in a safe and prosperous place, while feeling they have a voice in Sacramento. Serving my community on the city council as mayor, I am eager to bring my local experience and the voices of my constituents to the State Capitol.

Within an hour of being sworn into office, Assemblyman Patterson introduced two bills, AB 18 and AB 19, to fight the fentanyl crisis in the state. He has since added AB 889 and AB 890 to complete a robust bill package introduced as the Fentanyl Crisis Legislative Package. This Fentanyl Legislative Package takes a multi-pronged approach focusing on education, treatment, and accountability. In less than 8 months, his bill AB 890 was signed into law by the governor, ensuring the parents and guardians of the 6 million students in our state receive notification annually on the dangers and effects of opioid use, including fentanyl. His great work authoring these bills has already brought much needed awareness and education to our community and his fight continues in the areas of treatment and accountability.   

The real epidemic in my district is kids’ access to deadly counterfeit pills. Fentanyl-related deaths in Placer County increased 450% between 2019 and 2021 with half of the victims being under 25 years old. Placer County’s one pill can kill campaign has done tremendous work and I am committed to addressing the most pressing concerns in my district and that starts with the safety of our kids and young adults.

Assemblyman Patterson has authored other critical legislation such as AB 229 to address Domestic Violence and sex crimes with minors, in addition to supporting SB 14 to make human trafficking of a minor a serious felony. Assemblyman Patterson is committed to ensuring the state legislature take action to protect our youth and families.

Patterson represents the new 5th Assembly District, which is comprised of the communities of Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Auburn, North Auburn, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Newcastle, Penryn, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Diamond Springs, Placerville, Shingle Springs, Auburn Lake Trails, Georgetown, Cold Springs, Coloma, Rescue, and Cool.

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Snatching children from the loving arms of parents and inflicting unspeakable evil in the name of Government authority is nothing new.  Usurping parental rights and/or their protection over their children by tyrants is as old as the birth of Christ when an angry King Herod commanded the slaughter of all male children two years old and under in the vicinity of Bethlehem to ensure the newborn King would not live.  

Fast forward to World War II where one of the horrors the Nazis inflicted on millions of Jews was separating parents from their children.  If you’re too young to remember the Academy Award winner, “Sophie’s Choice” it’s still available online and worth watching to understand the harrowing agony of the choice the Nazi’s forced on this mother of which one of her children would live and which one would likely die sent off to the death camps.  Sophie pleads, “I cannot chose.”  What loving parent could?

But those are sad stories from history.  We live in America.  These nightmares surely don’t happen here where we have laws to protect us, right?  And if Government does intervene and sever parental rights, surely it’s for the good of the child, right?

Wrong and wrong.

Government sanctioned child kidnapping under the guise of “good” for the sake of the children is all in a days work in every county in every state across the country.  Never mind the ever-increasing assault on parental authority by education departments via our public schools as a means to increase their funding, the real culprit going after our kids as their bread and butter are the family courts and “child protective services” agencies operating under the family courts’ authority.  

One need only “follow the money” to see how our ever-greedy government has found a profitable business by removing children from their biological parents to get them into their “system” that is financially incentivized from seizure to adoption and a plethora of programs in between, all heavily funded by We The People. 

The real stories of our own government’s tyranny and abuse are heart wrenching. It’s hard to imagine how these parents, like Mark and Terri Stemann who had all seven of their children “legally kidnapped” by CPS, get up and make it through another day.  Yet they fight on and never give up on hope or on their children.   

Mark is a retired 20 year USAF veteran which somehow makes this injustice seem even more obscene.  Mark served our country and Constitution honorably, only to have the out-of-control and corrupt government go after his seven children to feed a system with an insatiable appetite.  Mark and Terri are responsible, loving parents — not that it’s right to take away any child from its biological parent even if they’re “irresponsible” because who decides?  It’s a slippery slope giving government an inch of judgment call on “parenting abilities” because they always always take the mile and then some.

The average American doesn’t think these tragedies can happen to them… until they do.  And when they do, families (often including the extended family of grandparent, aunts, uncles, and cousins also hurt by their blood relatives ripped away) are forced into the fight of their life!  One of the most effective weapons the family courts wage against parents is financial.  As we all know (because we fund it!), government has very deep pockets when it comes to litigation.  Parents are put on the defensive to get their kids back and the courts and parasite agencies wage a war of attrition until parents have depleted all their resources and still don’t have their kids back. 

The Stemann’s case is sadly not an isolated incident.  There’s Mary Flynn O’Neil’s story (which is why she is a warrior for this cause) along with several other Missouri court cases.  There’s fathers fighting for their rights, like Walter F. Sorenson. And then there’s reporter Michael Volpe who has made it his mission to do true investigative journalism to expose the child abduction racket via family courts/CPS. (We need more Michael Volpe’s!)

We all want our government to be better.  But it won’t be if we don’t hold it accountable.  We do not consent to this overreach. 

To stay in the fight, Mark and Terri have gone very public with their story via interviews and podcast appearances (including several at Tamara Leigh’s Trend On), as well as by setting up a fundraising site. 

The Stemann’s are determined to expose the problematic CPS system.  Even if once well intentioned, CPS/family courts are presently seriously dysfunctional and doing untold damage to far too many families.  

Mark and Terri’s fight for their seven kids is personal.  Every parent can appreciate the agony of losing their children, especially when it was a judgment call by an overzealous agency.  The Stemann’s case is one of going from bad to worse to worse yet, spinning out of unbelievable control.  It’s wrong and should’ve never happened. 

There are many worthy and deserving fundraisers charities, and organizations all calling out for your hard earned cash.  Americans are a generous people. 

Please be one of the generous ones and give what you can to Mark and Terri’s cause at

To end on a positive note and a proper understanding of the hierarchy of authority over our children, the message Stand Firm presented by Pastor Jim Tarr of Cornerstone Christian Center in Basalt, Colorado is well worth a listen (begins at about 32 minute mark and ends about 1:15 hour mark).  Pastor Tarr appropriately establishes that God ordained that Parents — not government or church or schools, or the village — are the authority over their children!  

Children are a blessing from God to Parents.  Parents answer to God for their children.  Government and government programs are clearly subordinate to Parents and the family structure.  America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and it is past time to take back this rightful authority over our own.  

For more information go to: or email and follow #letOurChildrenGo on social media platforms.


Libertas actively works to fight human trafficking and child exploitation in Latin America in three ways:


Libertas believes the gift of education is the best way to prevent trafficking and exploitation. Your donations help fund prevention efforts in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


We are actively responding to this crisis by partnering with those executing physical rescue missions and those providing for the immediate needs of survivors.


We are deeply committed to supporting survivors’ long-term recovery through communities of care, providing them with tools for physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual healing; thus empowering their liberation from the cycle of trauma in their lives and finding their new life of freedom.

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